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3MB Z741

pictured at 2 1/2 years of age

Sire: Logan Hill Phantom of the Farm
Dam: 3MB V280



    Diamond L Ranch N1072
  Yellow Rose Livestock R4  
    BBD Red Lady
Logan Hill Phantom of The Farm    
    Lily's Sequoia Redwood
    MHRF Spot  
      LD P123
3MB Z741
  Jet Black's Lignite
Winston Charcoal
3MB V280
  Downen P68
    3MB Kendra's Double Double
      LLBG Kendra Wrecker KSU WB
Progeny of 3MB Z741

310Y - 100% Boer Doeling

141Z - 75% Boer Doeling

113Y - 75% Boer Doeling

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