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Maul Jack Daniels

pictured at 20 months of age

Sire: MCR Reloaded Ammo
Dam: Fern Hollow Farm Red Ruger's Renesme



    RRD Ruger *Ennobled*
  CSB Ruger Reloaded  
    EGGS T351
MCR Reloaded Ammo *Ennobled*    
    Red Ruger T307 *Ennobled*
    RRD Smokin Hot  
      RRD T382
Maul Jack Daniels 757
  Red Ruger T307 *Ennobled*
Fern Hollow Farm Red Ruger
Fern Hollow Farm Mahogany Mama
Fern Hollow Farm Red Ruger's Renesme
  PDF T513
    Lazy S-T Racer's Red Wine
      SGF T25
Progeny of Maul Jack Daniels 757

300Z - Canadian Purebred

303Z - Canadian Purebred

305Z - Canadian Purebred

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